Travelling to Amman & my new home: photo tour

…no photos of the streets/ shops/ people of Amman because I quickly realized that if I get distracted in these early phases I risk hurting myself or worse!!

  1. Lego Duomo in Milan Malpensa airport
  2. Lombardy from the plane
  3. Greek snacks by Aegean Airline (…which served as my first breakfast in Jordan a few hours later! Thanks guys!!)
  4. Athens from the plane
  5. An example of Greece’s technological advance 
  6. Amman from the plane! 😀
  7. My school’s welcome letter and CHOCOLATES yay yay yay
  8. The view from my bedroom window when I woke up on my first morning
  9. My bedroom
  10. …again
  11. The corridor
  12. The kitchen (SO BIG!!! Dear, I can’t say I miss Milan’s tiny apartments)
  13. The living room (and there are SO MANY ROOMS too!!!!!)
  14. The terrace (the TERRACE!!!!!!!!!! It’s a dream)
  15. View from the terrace: bird’s eye
  16. View from the terrace: human eye
  17. The entrance
  18. The study room (just to remind me what I’m here for 😛 )
  19. Will this outfit be OK?
  20. The building
  21. Very social mugs at the mall
  22. Italian brands that trend 😉
  23. money money money!

Sweet stuff. I’m happy. And settling well 🙂 

Psst: if you have any specific questions about Amman etc, please shoot!

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