Finally finally / letter to Asmaa

Sneak peek on what my life and my Arabic look like right now – with deluxe instant corrections from lovely Asmaa!! 😀

Please note I wrote without using the internet in any way, i.e. this really is my Arabic, no less and no more!




#WritingThursday –> will hopefully have time to make list of new vocab + practice reading this same letter soon 🙂

All you need is صبر

DSC06890 (2)

A bit of a two-fold message here! All I could think about in that half an hour of spare time I finally had today 🙂

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a five-day trip that involves six airports, two destination countries, a wedding, a baptism and quite a few lovely people, so I’m extremely happy and excited and just a little bit nervous for everything to go smoothly… Perhaps as I wait for one of my flights I’ll manage to write something in Arabic. One can hope 😉

Meanwhile: this little mixed calligraphy motivational quote of sorts should tattoo in my mind the difference betweenصبر sabr – patience and صبار sabbar – cactus !! I looooove that the two words have the same root though hehehe.

Tata for now… a selfie may come soon(ish)!


In Calais

A Calais
Emmanuel Carrère, “In Calais”
Adelphi Edizioni

Fiiiiiinally I’ve managed to add a second book to my “read” list this year 2017!! Forty-nine pages of awesomeness I read aloud to my sister while on the beach on Easter Sunday. Forty-nine tiny tiny pages but nonetheless a published book, and one I gave five stars on Goodreads 😉

I had never had anything to do with Carrère before but now I think I might want to stumble into him again, in the future. Smart guy for sure, and I love the way he writes. Would also love to read him in his original French.

So what about the book? Since it doesn’t seem to be available in English (I feel privileged!), here’s a fairly literal translation of what’s written on its cover:

<<What I’m interested in is to be able to write a reportage in the same way I’d write a book>>, states Emmanuel Carrère. Thus, in the “Jungle” of Calais, he doesn’t tell us about the mud, the violence and the misery of the camp, but rather about all that is around it: the anger and frustration of a part of the Calaisians; the compassion and solidarity of another part; the factories and abandoned neighbourhoods; the enormous police apparatus; the mediatic circus; the “tourism of pain”. And he does it in his affable and direct way, with the look, simultaneously clear-headed and sympathetic, of who constantly questions everything – even himself.

I admit it: strictly speaking, this book isn’t about the Middle East. It’s set in France, mostly talks about French people, and is written by a French man. But… but… it does link to migrants and refugees that come from the Middle East, too; and I would highly recommend it a priori 🙂 …plus, it’ll only take less than an hour of your time and you’ll still be able to brag about having read one more book hehehe!!


See book details on Goodreads

Sad for Syria

After five weeks of absence / five weeks at my new job, I was finally 100% sure I would succeed in starting to post on this blog again (at least twice a week for now – to be increased). Yay. Small victories! Hello reader 🙂

However, as per my Mission: unthinkable, Monday is “read and comment MENA news” day and, well, I suppose you know what kind of news came out in the past few days. So I’m afraid I can’t comment but rather just share my utter sadness, once more but somehow more acute than usual, for the innocent people of Syria.

Of course, I still like to try and see the good in the bad – so

Oh, thank goodness to John Oliver’s ability to make us smile on certain topics. At least, I personally appreciate it.

Things can just get better… right?

If the mountain doesn’t go to Muhammad…

…Muhammad will go to the mountain!!!

I have just realised we have this saying in Italian*, where the Muhammad in question HAS GOT TO BE the Muhammad, and I have no idea why / where it comes from / all of that. Fun mystery!!

Hello friends, marhaba asdiqa’ 🙂
I’m not officially back but I did want to say something: in accordance with above-mentioned saying, since I still can’t manage to find the time (and brains) to study Arabic nowadays, I just made the Arabic come to ME! How? Well…

facebook in arabo



I know, I know. I either have already gone crazy or soon will. But I thought this strategy was worth a try 😉

Updates soon. Soon-ish. Whenever.
Much love / Hubb kathyr  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



* “Se la montagna non va da Maometto, Maometto va alla montagna” hehehe

OT – Global Millennial Network

I’ve been told I’m a millennial (well yes, I did “reach young adulthood in the early 21st century”, I can confirm that).

I’ve also been told that we millennials are innovative but not interested in policy (may be mostly true) and that on the contrary governments are, surprise surprise, interested in policy but not as innovative as it would be auspicable for them to be (fact!).

Well now a good friend of mine has set up a startup, Global Millennial Network, that aims to tackle both problems through a team of talented young professionals from all over the world. I believe in their potential, which is why I am taking this moment to encourage you to learn a bit about them.

Let’s show the world that we ‘generation Y’ are not as useless as we seem, shall we? 😉


p.s. sorry, guys – still haven’t gotten into my new routine and even got sick, so my usual posts will have to wait a little longer before I resurface! I’m doing everything I can and miss Arabic, calligraphy, etc so I’ll definitely be back sooner or later!!!