One Arabic angel at a time…

…I’ll get one tiny tangible step closer to linguistic mastery 🙂
Thank you so much Muna!! You’re always so awesome my eyes are honestly star-shaped!

In reference to my  “Who loves Jordan more than me?” attempt of reading, HURRAH! Lovely Muna has spontaneously come help to solve the mystery of the incomprehensible dedication on the first page of the book!!!

” إلى روح والدي الحبيب”
روح soul
الحبيب beloved
وفاء كتبت هذا لوالدها الذي مات وتقول هو الذي علّمها حُب الاردن 😍😍

بالتوفيق ايريني 💝💝
To the soul of my beloved father
Wafa’a wrote this for her father who died and she says that he was the one who taught her love for Jordan
Good luck Irene ♡♡
Aww. Ok this is beautiful, now I want to read this book even more.

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