Any nice Arabic series/movies?

Just a few days ago I used a friend’s Amman taxi story as translation practice and now again I have to say that being friends with this guy on Facebook is proving extremely useful: not only is he clearly an eager Arabic learner like myself; but, having lived and worked in the ME for a much longer time than me now, and as a sociable chatty person, he seems to have quite a large Arabic-speaking network and a fairly social one, too! So unlike what would happen on my wall, every time he posts something in Arabic or asks a related question he gets quite an audience and a good number of helpful responses. Now that I’ve found this out, I’m determined to add it to my growing pool of free learning resources B) B) . Yesterday his question to the Facebook world was:

Any nice Arabic series/movies? Possibly streaming or to download. Thanks!

so let’s take note of the answers, shall we? 😉 and then gradually check the truth of these series/movies’ quality!! I’ll report faithfully as commented on the original post:

fauda (israeli but mainly in arabic)
Lebaneas movie Vitamin (1000 Mabrook DVD rip) i loved grand hotel
Tash ma tash zein series and its Jordanian with other nationalities, I recommend its funny. Enjoy
7arat elyahoud
The Invasion الاجتياح
Grand hotel جراند اوتيل
A historic masterpiece called رأفت الهجان
هاية رجل شجاع

Of course, it would make sense to start watching at least some of the 15 (or 20?) ME-produced DVDs I own, as well, but I just love making endless lists of things to watch and read, you know…


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