If I type “Middle East” on Google…

Disclaimer: this is a fairly useless experiment!! Yeah! Because we like doing fairly useless experiments on Sunday niiiiights B)

If I type “Middle East” on Google…

  • I get about 532,000,000 results in 1.03 seconds
  • The first result of all is the related Wikipedia page, which starts like this: “The Middle East is a transcontinental region centered on Western Asia and Egypt. The corresponding adjective is Middle-Eastern and the derived noun is Middle-Easterner. Wikipedia | Countries: Syria, Egypt, State of Palestine, Cyprus” [interesting selection, no?]
  • Images are subdivided into the following suggested groups: culture | flags | people | desert | city | countries and the first twenty un-subdivided rows or so are all geographical, geo-political and/or satirical maps of the region. The first two images of a different kind that come up are

Image result for Middle East

this place [I wonder where it is] and
Image result for Middle East

this superlative vignette I honestly didn’t understand 😛

End of experiment.
I told you it was fairly useless 😉

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