Lovely ladies

I feel very grateful for my male Arabic-speaking friends. Really, truly, extremely grateful. They are and have been crucial to me in many moments, both study- and party-related 🙂

Howeeeever I must admit that, as with most other friends, I find guys to be fun, cool and great to spend time with; but girls are the ones I usually connect with better when it comes to keeping in touch and talking about the everyday stuff. In my Arabic-learning life, besides, right now the people who are supporting my progress happen to all be lovely ladies from different countries; and I just want to take a moment to honour them – and list the words/ expressions they’ve recently taught me in our written or spoken conversations!!

❤ Sarah from Jordan
أنتظر | I wait
ديري بالك على حالك | Take care of yourself

❤ Muna from Jordan
فخورة بك | proud of you

❤ Asma’a from Jordan
ليتني أستطيع | I wish I could!

❤ Asmaa from Egypt
بطريقة سهلة | in an easy way, easily
نجتمع | we meet

❤ Rouaa from Syria
نكهة | flavour
بندق | hazelnut
تواصل | communication

Cheers to lovely ladies 🙂 and this is just the beginning!!

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