The books I want to read

According to my Goodreads account (I am Kirini on there, join me!) there are no less than 153 books I know of and definitely want to read in the, a-hem, near future*. Thirty of these I have marked with an extra label: “Arabic – Islam – ME – migration”, where obbbviously ME stands for Middle East and not for… me 😛

I just thought that refreshing the contents of that list in my mind couldn’t do any harm, so here we go – just to reinforce the fact that #ilovelists as well as #uselesshashtags 😉 You’ll see that these books come in different languages and that the names of their writers alone reflect a certain diversity. That is entirely on purpose, of course!

  • Passoni Laura, Au coeur du Daesh avec mon fils
  • Franceschi Karim, Il combattente: storia dell’italiano che ha difeso Kobane dall’Isis
  • Pagano Ernesto, Napolislam
  • Mazzucco Melania, Limbo
  • Mazzucco Melania, Io sono con te: storia di Brigitte
  • Barghouti Mourid, I saw Ramallah
  • Sardar Ziauddin, The no-nonsense guide to Islam
  • Stalker Peter, The no-nonsense guide to international migration
  • Anonymous, The way of a pilgrim
  • Del Grande Gabriele, Il mare di mezzo
  • Nasr Seyyed Hussein, The study Quran: a new translation and commentary
  • Issou Abdelilah, Mémoires d’un soldat marocain
  • Hamadi Shady, Voci di anime
  • Hamadi Shady, La felicità araba: storia della mia famiglia e della rivoluzione siriana
  • Mossino Alberto, L’amore vero l’ha fatto solo con me
  • Mossino Alberto, Quell’africana che non parla neanche bene l’italiano
  • Mossino Alberto, La grande opera
  • Pen Project, Stories from Amman
  • Mahmoud Ibtihal, Snow in Amman: an anthology of short stories from Jordan
  • Zaghmout Fadi, The bride of Amman
  • Sarif Shamim, I can’t think straight
  • Munif Abdul Rahman, Story of a city: a childhood in Amman
  • Orbach Benjamin, Live from Jordan: letters home from my journey through the Middle East
  • Abu-Jaber Diana, The language of baklava: a memoir
  • Faqir Fadia, Pillars of salt
  • Noor, A leap of faith: memoirs of an unexpected life
  • Fiocchetti Patrizia, Variazioni di luna: donne combattenti in Iran, Kurdistan, Afghanistan
  • Tamimi Widad, Le rose del vento: storia di destini incrociati
  • Gordon Neve, Israel’s occupation
  • Campanini Massimo, Quale Islam? Jihadismo, radicalismo, riformismo
  • Fletcher Martin, Walking Israel: a personal search for the soul of a nation.

This last one makes it 31 and I just now remembered it because I happen to know Martin Fletcher and saw the book while staying at his house in Tel Aviv in December hehe 😉 My travel buddy started reading it there and said she was enjoying it lots, so why not pick it up myself!! And oh, I might start from “Le rose del vento” because it’s the only one I have a copy of as of yet.

* If only I actually started reading one of these days… !

Yep. I want to. I should.
Please let me know if you know of anything you’d recommend adding to this list!!!

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