I’m back at it!!!! Soooo happy even though it took me ages to figure out how this super vintagey calligraphy set worked. My mum found it in some wardrobe and kindly gave it to me, I wonder where and when it was even bought hehe 🙂 Its components are part made in England, part in Germany and seem to have been shipped from the US?!

Anyway- I had had it since late December but was busy with other things till now, and today was finally Opening Day. After careful examination and a couple fruitless attempts it turned out the black ink was all liquid and useless but the green ink was yay!, so I decided to try the medium-sized nip with it to do some first clumsy sketches of my name. Difficuuuuuult but oh so nice! OK I really really really do love Arabic calligraphy, it’s © certified 😉

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