Oh no, oh no. I’m losing it! I’m losing the habit of posting on this blog (for good reasons, sure – like settling in my new home and looking for a job), losing my Arabic because I practice it more and more rarely nowadays, losing contact with my Arabic-speaking friends… it’s all I wanted to avoid and it is happening, less than a month after I last saw Arabic script around a city.

So I call for HELP!! If you can, please drop me a line in Arabic, anything really, something I have to study/translate to understand. It doesn’t matter if you know me or not.

And from tomorrow (after my first real real job interview in this search, yay! So excited) I’ll write daily again. It doesn’t matter that my laptop is away for reparations at the moment, I need to get past that and will get someone to hold me accountable for it. I will also try to make up for the missed posts, especially as I do have a list of things I wanted to talk about and do some research on after my Israeli-Palestinian trip.

I will I will I will. I MUST!!!

Arabic my love, I’m not letting you go no no no no 😛
p.s. but wow, resolutions are really hard to go through with sometimes!! Happy Monday people, happy beginnings once more


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