We eat a lot for a long time

 هذا عيد مملاد!!! في بيتي ناكل كثير لوقت طويل كل جامعا على الطاولة. في خدروات ولحم وسمك وحالوة وطعم اخر. في ايضا هدايا كثيرة! كل الاشكاص كريمون جدا… انا سعيدة للهدايا المفيدة انني اتلقى وبشكل خاص للاشياء لشقتي الجديد في مدينةة “ترينو” في اطاليا الشمالية -الغربية!

“It’s Christmas day!!! In my house we eat a lot for a long time all together at the table. There are vegetables and meat and fish and sweets and other food. There are also many presents! All the people are very generous…I am happy for the useful presents that I receive and especially for the things for my new apartment in the city of Torino in North-Western Italy ;)”
The new word of the day is this interesting atalaqqa – I receive. But also هدية – hadía – the singular form of gift/present, which I should already have looked up yesterday.

I still talk like a kid, but I love to see my vocab expand 🙂

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