A bite of Arabic a day

Back to normal life now (?)

Just a bite because Christmastime at my family home quintessentially means no time whatsoever to do stuff that isn’t eating, sleeping or most importantly TALKING. And I love it 🙂

So yeah, I’m back in my beloved home with my beloved people, and Arabic right now isn’t my top priority – just like blogging if I have to be honest (yes I do!). But I still want to try and write at least one sentence a day to keep practicing a tiny tiny bit!!

The trick is that I’ll try my best not to use dictionaries, books, or notes, not even to check my spelling. And no more than one new word per day. Ouch! Let’s try:

مرحبا! انت لا تعرفني ولكن ابي تكلمت عنك. انت من مصر، اليس كذلك؟ نعم، اعرف ان عربيتي غريب وانا لا افهم العمية … في المستقبل ان شاء الله؛!! شكرا،  كانت القهوة لذيذة جدا! بشوفك غدا!

Which in theory means: “Hello! You don’t know me, but my father talked about you. You are from Egypt, isn’t that right? Yes, I know that my Arabic is weird and I don’t understand ammiya (spoken dialect)… In the future, if God wants!! Thank you, the coffee was delicious! See you tomorrow”.

The new word of the day shall be bartender. Let’s look it up and cross our fingers for an accurate translation:نادل – nadil.

So thank you nadil Michel for the free conversation session 🙂 and your coffee really is the best I’ve ever had! 

Arabic-speaking friends, please do not hesitate to correct me in every way. The possibility to comment is there for a reason!

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