Major Akkomplishments

Travel diary, day 12 of 14

Aaaaah: Akko. Or Akka. Or Acre.
We’ve been told by everybody everywhere that it is a must-see, a beauty, a charmer! It sure is nice to go there by train from Haifa and we’re excited to see something new before the impending end of our trip. Now though, two pieces of information we did not expect:

  1. Maps of the area tend to be wrong and misleading – and no, there is no chance that we got it wrong! I’m a scout!! We had four eyes plus Hannah’s contact lenses! We’ ve been perfectly fine in all other eleven places we’ve visited!!! And the Tourist Information Centre itself was in a completely different neighbourhood than marked on the map. Akko my love, you’ve got some room for improvement in the topographic field and we feel akkomplished even just for not getting lost in your labyrinth 😛
  2. It is not that beautiful and charming when it’s passionately raining (and COLLLLD!!) and even the lighthouse turns out to be a sort of undercover fort with tall fences and apparently no doors… but we feel akkomplished because our selfie is superkool nonetheless 😛

Other major akkomplishments of ours despite the adverse conditions include finding a fairly wow fish & seafood restaurant, bravely visiting an infinite claustrophobic Roman tunnel (if I’m not mistaken) and not finding the museum we were looking for, but keeping a good mood regardless. Safely stored in our memories will also always be that very romantic moment on the beach after sunset, mistaking the darkness for water and uselessly moving like blind people when really all you need is a torch app.

Aaaaah: Akko, Akka, Acre. Soooo much more than what you’d find on Google Images…!

If you want to see a goose, click HERE!


Food of the day: I have forgotten part of it, but most definitely seafood soups, some sort of yummy fish for Hannah and salmon for me!!

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