There’s something about Dana

There’s something about Dana

The other day I showed you my pics from my yoga-acroyoga-hiking retreat at Feynan Ecolodge in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan’s largest nature reserve. I feel I can now share some extra details with you.

This place is something you will NOT find anywhere else in Jordan, and quite probably in many other countries, too. I had certainly never been anywhere comparable! It’s won prizes year in and year out from big names in the world of tourism and not only, and in my (not-so-humble, to be honest) opinion they were more than deserved. Quick fun facts for the masses straight from my TripAdvisor review:


As I always say, though, a place is not enough to make something beautiful and memorable: you could be in the most stunning milieu and feel utterly miserable, just like your happiest moment could take place in a horrid hole. The awesome thing about my weekend in Dana is that it provided me with the most stunning milieu AND super excellent company. This resulted in several excellent outcomes (yes, I’m on list-mode today!!):

  1. of course, I learnt about bedouin coffee etiquette and we’ve already explored that
  2. I discovered that I’m not as fit as I thought because that sunrise yoga was frankly pretty tough for me, and that made me decide to go back to some serious yoga once I’m settled in Italy again
  3. I took note of the trust games our wonderful instructors taught us because I think it’d be amazing to play them with my beloved scout teens
  4. I also found out that acro-yoga is that perfect mix of artistic gymnastics (my childhood sport) and normal yoga (my teenage sport) that has all the potential to become one of my big passions, provided I find someone I have good connection with to do it with me
  5. the compulsory, delicious, 2-day vegetarianism shared with vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike got me thinking about maybe making a schedule for myself to ensure I reduce my meat intake (though I don’t think I’d go all the way down to zero)
  6. thanks to fantaaastic local guide Suleyman I became much wiser on the topic of nature conservation (not conversation, lol) in Jordan as well as on the definition of eco-tourism, i.e. ethical tourism which aims at protecting local species/nature/environment + supporting local communities, or something like that
  7. through a telescope lens I couldn’t help but notice that Saturn and its rings look exactly like a tiny old-fashioned car with two windows
  8. I’m not going to get to 10 unless I cheat a little bit
  9. so I will cheat a little more
  10. and man, I met SO MANY SUPER BRILLIANT PEOPLE!!!!!! Apart from a thick Jordanian delegation, I chatted with representatives of the US, the Czech Republic, Germany, the UK, Denmark… very very cool stories, I felt so inspired and encouraged in my extremely vague life plans! 😀

The summary of it all is that I went to Dana/Feynan Ecolodge with maybe a 73% battery level, and returned with 100+. Credits to lovely Ahlam for these pics here 🙂 – to Ahlam and Reham for their superb yoga teaching skills and overable delightful personality – and to everybody else who participated in any way for making it such a grrreat experience!!

Final fun fact: whenever I meet someone called Suleyman it kinds of makes me smile inside, because that name in Italian sounds approximately like “put your hands up!” hahahaha 😀 😀 😀

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