Hug your zeros, visit a TAASWM, be a rock star

Once upon a time, there were a niece and her favourite uncle who decided to pick up the first random flag they found on the street (the uncle wasn’t even sure about which country it represented and often got confused with the non-starred version of it and with the reverse green-white other version of it!) and go on an epic trip with their beautiful, and let’s even say royal, automobile (which is a much better word than car, if we want to be perfectly sincere!!) 😛


The duo took just a super quick break to stretch their legs and hug their zeros (could it be a metaphor for a healthy relationship with one’s failures?! Hmm) at a bedouin brick resort…


…and finally arrived at the entrance of a truly awesomely amazingly stunning white mosque!!! It was big, it had trees, and it got them on their knees! (rhyyyyme)


The niece and her lady-friends dressed up for the occasion and got shown a very special part of the mosque that the uncle and his companion were not allowed access too (let’s see it this way!). Nobody was also allowed to take pics on the inside because the combined beauty of our three fine women and of the TAASWM (truly awesomely amazingly stunning white mosque) would have been uuuunbearable for this world to see!


after which they all went to a rock party like no others!! Maaaan, did those rocks rock!!!

Disappointing sudden ending. 😛 😉

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