Wadi Rum pt.2, dipping my feet at the Baptism Site and getting oily in the Dead Sea

Guess what? That’s right: we didn’t get kidnapped while stargazing (even though personally I thought it would have been the most perfect moment), didn’t get kidnapped during the night, and didn’t get kidnapped during our 2-hour jeep tour of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and other spectacular Wadi Rum landmarks.

On the other hand, I got told I was beautiful by a bedouin who gifted me a most wonderful, soft, tasteful scarf; we all had tons of silly fun playing scouts in the desert , as you can clearly see; and we generally had a really amazing time!!! 

Around 10am, however, it really was time for us to go: we still had two stops to make before returning to our respective shelters in Amman!!
On the way: cool views and the neatest hummus bowl my eyes had ever witnessed the existence of

  1. Jesus’ Baptism Site in Bethany, along the Jordan river, where I was shocked by the unbelievable proximity with Israel and the sheer possibility of just jumping across that tiny flow of water and being in another country all together, without security scans or anything and with the absolute certainty I’d be in deeeep trouble;

2. and of course the famous weiiirrrd water of the Dead Sea!!! Just in time for sunset, kids! 😉 It was pretty wow. I also got to be rubbed supposedly special mud on my face by a really big guy whose family was watching the whole scene like it was of daily occurrence. #yolo!! 😛

Another good day of mindful tourism to get to know this new country of mine a little better. Two more to be told. Coming soon 😉

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