Another presentation: the hardest decision of my LIFE!

Please be kind!! I don’t know if there is much improvement compared to my first presentation, but at least I’m using (or trying to use) new vocab 😉

The hardest decision of my life
Irene, 30/10/2016

An imprecise translation

1. One of the hardest decisions of my life was the decision on what is the hardest decision of my life – for this presentation!
2. The reason for that is that my life was always easy, thank God. And as a consequence decisions were easy too.
3. In particular, I usually find it easy to take big decisions. That is not a problem, and I like it.
4. But actually, for me the hardest decisions are the small ones, the decisions that are not very important.
5. For example: what do I wear today? Everything is possible, and every morning I don’t know what to choose!
6. Also- is it more important that I go out with my friends or that I study for my class? Sometimes I don’t know… 😛
7. And, chocolate or Nutella? I don’t know!
8. Film in English or in Arabic? No okay, I know this one: in Arabic, of course!!!
9. I think that I am very lucky, because my dad and my mum always encouraged me to do what I want, too.
10. Only one time my family didn’t like my decision. This was last summer. I decided to stay in Jordan for four months only, and they thought that I was crazy because one year is better. I understand their opinion and I desire to spend more time in Jordan because I am very happy here. But the scouts are the most important thing for me now, and for that reason I will return to Italy in the month of December. So…okay: maybe that was the hardest decision in my life.
11. But now, really: what’s your opinion- what’s better, chocolate or Nutella? Maybe I will buy both!
12. Thank youuuuuu hehehe


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