Wedding tiiiiiime!!!!!

I have the best friends I could ever wish for and was super kindly invited to attend a wedding with them yesterday. No more words necessary… I got it all on camera! – and am presenting it to you in strictly chronological sequence, of course 😉

p.s. I’m still excited now!!!! Too good!! TOO GOOD!!!!! Maaaaan don’t know how I ever deserved this hahaha, I’m just SO happy and thankful and confused

The quiet before the storm. And then THIS happened!!!

Hard to find a more engaging crowd than this 😀

And then we danced. TONS. To some truly awesome beats and with some truly awesome moves. I learnt from great teachers and even sneaked in to mingle in the guys’ dances when all the other women went on the side to do their own thing, because the guys’ dances seemed more fun. Everybody was super nice and inclusive and for a few moments I felt a little Arab 😉 but hey let’s not forget about the food!!! A dancer needs to eat, right?

…before going back to dancing for a couple other hours 😉

In short: SUCH AN AWESOME NIGHT!!! Thank you friends old and new, thank you Saba and Omar for having me, thank you world. Oh, and I really enjoyed “Single ladies” by Beyoncé as a soundtrack for the throw of the bouquet… and the middle-aged guy who caught it haha! I’m fine with my one flower gifted to me from my dear friend 😉


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