From Madaba to Petra: a clever fish, a fake T-Rex and other tales of ordinary randomness

I already told you about the beginning and the end of that first day of roadtrip with my gang in my “On the road” post that same day, a week ago. Now let me expand a little.

Following my early morning taxi misadventures, we were actually off to a promising start and perfectly on time with our ambitious schedule: departure from our rental car place at 9.45am, and arrival at our first destination at 10.30. WELCOME TO MADABA! 😀

As I had already been there, I didn’t take that many pictures. But I got to visit something new as well and, most importantly, I met the funniest and most clever fish in the world! He lives in a mosaic in St George’s Church, a Greek Orthodox church in the town centre, and I didn’t take a detailed shot of him because he doesn’t like paparazzi – but you really should go see him because honestly, he alone is worth the trip hahaha! Basically in the church there’s a pretty good portion of a suuuuper old mosaic (yep, I’m historically precise like that… applauses later, please) which represents the Holy Land, with Jerusalem and everything;

the Dead Sea is also illustrated and, to clarify why it is called so, in the river leading to it from the Palestinian side there are two fish (yes, did you know that in proper English a fish plus a fish equals two fish? Fun fact) , one quietly going towards the Dead Sea, and the other one -closer to it- fleeing desperately from it like it’s seen Death in the face! …because, yeah, that’s kinda what happened. I guess breathing salt isn’t recommended for anybody, hey? 😛 But seriously, that fish is SO expressive. I can’t get over it hahaha.

After visiting the church (which is 1JD per person to enter, by the way – not included in the Jordan Pass but fairly reasonable I think!) we found a fantaaastic shop with the best fresh dates I had ever had, great pomegranate juice and some interesting candies etc. And then we were off to the archeological area to get our intake of Roman rests!!! 

The goat mosaic was my favourite because my little sister always calls me goat (capra, in Italian) when I say stupid things ❤ – and of course, we loved the whole thing because…well…we are originally Roman, I think! It you think of the distances, besides, wow those Romans walked A LOT. Something in common with us scouts 😉

Anyway, we then moved to MOUNT NEBO, getting there at midday. My beloved aunt and I didn’t go in and talked about my romantic life instead hahaha. After which we were on the roooooad, with a stop in tiny MALIH around 13.30 (I’m telling you the times just in case you’re a wannabe tourist on the same route) where we had a delicious kebab wrap in an Egyptian eating place that had probably never seen five customers at the same time, since they only had two chairs ready hehe!! Then the view really started to change and it was simply spectacular. As we took another little break we met some locals and saw their cute merchandise.

Our next stop, at 15.30, was KARAK. We originally thought we might want to visit the Castle, but then decided we didn’t have enough time so we just kinda browsed it from the outside, which was fun enough if you ask me 🙂

but the most relevant thing about Karak as far as I’m concerned is the fake T-Rex story!!!!!! First of all, you have to know roads in Jordan are generally… exciting. So is the people’s driving style and of course you can add to that our scarce knowledge of the local topograhy, the stress of driving a rented car etc etc. Now imagine you have also already witnessed a moment on the highway when three drivers going in your opposite direction passed you at the same time in three different lanes, one of which practically non-existent (am I explaining myself? It was a new level of unbelievable!!); you have also risked sliding backwards because of how crazy steep a tiny street was; and you have confronted unsignalled one-way roads and consequent anxiety. Then this happens

and, next thing you know, you’re trying to escape from such beautifully relaxing situation on another super steep road on a very narrow turn (of course 😛 ) when… slowly slowly, from the other side of the turn a huuuuuuge shadow appears on the stone wall, like ten metres high or something: IT’S A T-REX!!!!!!!! We’re gonna die!!! Or… pheeew- it’s turning in a secondary street before we have to face it.

If I had been the driver we would have all been injured. Man, those trucks should not be allowed in Karak centre. See it to understand it!

But back to photographic narration: from Karak to PETRA (our final destination for the day) everything was great. We got to see parts of the outer perimeter of Dana Nature Reserve and other cool views and that was really really enjoyable. I was also happy-happy to finally get a pic of those adorable little trucks (the little ones are fine!!) with all the colourful decorations that I’ve seen so often and had never previously managed to capture. They’re sneaky as 😉

The guys singing were also not too bad, we had tons of fun in the car 🙂 Arrival in Petra was smooth. Dinner was good. I even succeeded in doing my Arabic homework before shutting down. And then I had an awesome 8-hour relationship with this:


Bashoofkum 7adan! 😉

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