On the road/ Dead awesome

I get it that the Dead Sea is not a very good neighbourhood for fish– that big fish in the map mosaic in Madaba totally knows his stuff (know what I’m talking about? If not, I promise I’ll explain as soon as I’m not dead tired or in a hurry!!)… But to bathe in, man, it’s dead nuts! You can dance, you can jive (yes pop songs are still stuck in my head from yesterday! Sorry!), having the time of your life as you try not to roll on your back, not to get salt in your eyes, and especially as you get black mud to be rubbed on your face by a big Jordanian guy in front of his family.

Deep banal thought of the day: every little death is a little life; every little pain can become a joy (example- I find it pretty cool that the Dead Sea helps you learn about scratches you didn’t otherwise know you had!!!); aaaand sunset over the dead sea may just happen to be the pinkest I’ve ever seen ❤

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