On the road/ From stables to stars

Hooraaaayyyyy, day 1 of my three-day roadtrip with my delightful Italian guests was OOH-some!!! 😀 I don’t want to give tons of details now (my comfy bed just outside of Petra is killing me softly): I just need to write something before I forget it. 

I don’t know if it exists in English, too, but “from stables to stars” is an Italian phrase that…oh no wait, the actual phrase is “from stars to stables“, lol! It is used to mean that in a certain situation things went from super good to super bad…but in this case the opposite was true, hence my little wordplay there 😉

The stables were the most frustratingly annoying taxi drivers I had ever met, this morning when going to pick up our rental car. Two of them, yes, because the first was apparently so offended when I told him he was taking a really unnecessary detour that he had me get off the vehicle… Such a gentleman. Then the second actually seemed like a nice guy, but he just plainly lied to me!! He said the other person on board was going to get off just a tiny bit later, really close to the road he had to take to get to my destination; and he kept repeating that for the following TEN minutes as he basically led me to the other end of the city!!!!! – which, of course, meant I ended up having to pay him much more than originally necessary. I was not happy. Like not not not.

HOWEVER! The day, as already said, was wonderful great lovely beautiful blablabla I’ll-talk-about-it-when-I’m-back… Aaand the sprinkles on top of the smore from a narrative point of view were arriving to our hotel tonight and getting to know its owner and his uniquely inspiring story!! 

Rad, in fact, is a 37(maybe)yo Jordanian who moved to Northern Italy at the age of 15 (fifteen!!!!!) with the super specific aim of becoming a great chef. After being initially helped by some relatives, he quickly became independent and worked his way up Chef World, gaining experiences in a ton of different places in Italy including some of the really posh lake areas. His intention was initially to return to Jordan after maybe two or three years of work, but he ended up living in Italy for twenty years and even getting Italian citizenship as well as a pretty funny Northern accent 😉 …until the economic crisis hit in, that is. Then he brainstormed and decided he knew all he needed to do his own thing! So he spent six months in crazy Guanzhou (sorry too tired to check spelling), China, to buy seven containers of quality items -with constantly attentive eyes as, he said, the merchants tried to trick him tons and sell him cheapies- and then opened this hotel here, the One And Only Amazing P4 Relax Hotel of Petraaaa!!!

Trust me: it is amazing. And so is he. You should listen to him talk about politics and literature and design and food and culture and business and the future of Jordan; and you should taste his sweets he specifically made for us because we are Italian ❤

Oh, yeah- with P4, he has given jobs to twelve people. Now this is the kind of person who gives hope, the kind of person who has done good for society simply by pursuing his own personal dream in a wise, pragmatic, yet non-selfish way.

This is the stars 🙂

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