In seven days the craziest week of my Jordanian life is going to start: my favourite aunt and uncle and a couple of common friends of ours (all scout leaders, by the way 😀 ) will be landing at just about this time for six days of explorations all togetheeeer YAY YAY YAYYYYY 😀 ❤

This means both that I might write really bad posts for six days, and that I’m TRUPER THRILLED. Truper = three times super in case that isn’t clear, and I think I’ve just invented it.

Our plan? MADNESS!!! Or, if you’d like a slightly higher amount of details without getting too personal, …basically two days in Amman, a three-day road trip to Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Rum, Karak Castle, Dead Sea and mayyybe Wadi Mujib and Madaba and Mount Nebo (optimistic much?), and a day-trip to Jerash and Ajloun. All this while I actually try to juggle at least some of my classes, homework, and yeah, writing really bad posts. It’s going to be as brrrrilliant as shoe-shine!

[…did I mention I’ll go to a wedding on one of those evenings, as well? 😛 ]

Random pretty sunset from my balcony because YES.


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