The one where Nawras filmed, Ayman Otoom sat, and I baby-sat a child actor


See this guy? See his friendly curls and energetic smile? If you saw his eyes you’d find out they’re super lively and enthusiastic as well. He’s the brilliant Nawras of Nawras Media, a Palestinian film maker and director, and I randomly befriended him during my trip to Ajloun Castle at the end of my first week here. In one of his parallel lives he works for my school, where you may occasionally see him dash in the corridors and distribute smiles and greetings as he has another fifty things on his mind.

Last Wednesday that happened too, but instead of the usual “Hey! How are you?” he stopped for a minute and directed at me the following life-changing words: “YOU! I’m shooting someting this afternoon. You should come. Remind me how you spell your name so I can whatsapp you the details”. Now, I pride myself with the ability to recognise a good opportunity when I see it. So this immediately produced two results:
1. I proceeded to remind Nawras that my name starts with I, and
2. I decided without a shadow of a doubt to break my founding -boring, stupid- rule of I don’t change my plans with less than 24-hour notice and quickly operated on my calendar to make everything work without cancelling stuff (aah, the busy life of the sociable student 😉 ).

It was totally, TOTALLY worth it. I don’t even know where to start. What made it an incredible afternoon? Maybe it was the changing light on the spectacular view over Palestine, as I stood in awe in front of the full sun later setting down and moving on to dusk, in that supercute outdoor cafeteria. Maybe it was the beautiful, delicious free smoothie the waiters treated me (only me! is it because I’m a foreigner?!) with, or the chats with said waiters in Arabic, talking about their countries of origin Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Maybe it was being on a set for the first time in my life, meeting celeb writer Ayman Otoom I had never previously heard of thus making our chats all the more interesting and uninterested in a way, or playing with the child actor who was supposed to impersonate my son hadn’t the other girl (the first choice) showed up to be the refugee woman in the informercial.

Apparently a picture of me covered in dust and pebbles with that 2yo boy might be included in the “making of” video of the final thing. I’ll keep you posted 😉
Meanwhile, thank you Nawras; thank you Jordan, once more; and enjoy the pics!

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