Can I speak Arabic? One month of Arabic classes milestone

Yesterday marked about four weeks of intensive Arabic class for me here in Amman (not five because of the Eid break) and just before running to school and learning how to say the time I decided to put myself to the test and attempt an improvised monologue of sorts to really check my abilities out.

So here it is!! Please compare with my first videos of reading and speaking and…wellllll…hopefully see some improvement hahaha. Especially considering that in this case I didn’t prepare anything at all. Not ONE WORD of what I was going to say 😛

If you don’t know any Arabic, it would also be fun to know how much you deduced from the English words I inserted here and there. Maybe you got it all! I’m actually surprised everyday by how much I can understand now without ever having heard certain words before, just thank to the context. For example in calligraphy class the teacher speaks in Arabic only (except from his favourite slogan- “copy, paste! copy, paste!!” -he’s so sweet 😀 ) but through hand gestures, little illustrations and context I would dare to say I understand 90% of what he says!

Aren’t languages a charming, charming thing

p.s. some say you need about 2000 hours of direct and focused learning with professional teachers to be able to speak Arabic proficiently. By a rough calculation and including about half the hours of the courses I attended five years ago (because it was five years ago!) I’m now around the astonishing amount of… *drums, trumpets etc* … EIGHTYYYY hahahahah!!!! #TotallyGettingThere #AmINotAwesomeAlready? 😉 No but seriously, I feel very good about my progress in this past month. Go strong, Arabic learners of the world! We can do this 😀

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