Recycled art, calligraphy and handicrafts at Gallery 14

I guess the title says it all! It seems like it’s Amman Art Week on Fruitful Pinecones 😉
This time the visit was organized by my school. I really enjoyed it, both for the variety of the art on exhibit (calligraphy was my favourite, I must admit – but I think my dad would have really appreciated the recycled horses) and because I bought my first book in Arabic: a children’s book entitled “Who loves Jordan more than me?” which I just can’t wait to try and slooowly read!!!

Here are the pics, divided by topic… can you spot the typewriter components amid the tuna tin can pieces? B)

Art by Ahmad Subaih, a Jordanian artist currently on display at Artisana & Gallery 14

My favourite examples of calligraphy works there, by various artists

Some of the cool handicrafts on sale (yeah, hidden marketing!! #unpaid 😉 )

and other random art in the entrance of the gallery… because there’s never too muuuuuch!

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