Two wheels, a crash and a crush

Long story short: this evening two Italian friends and I joined an organized cycling thing that took us to what I’d call the outskirts of Amman for a 15k ride.
The ERMs: no panoramic view as romantically pictured– it was dark (though we definitely could have guessed that :P) aaaand we were basically on a highway. Also, my friend Ilaria crashed on a road bump (I think) so unfortunately she didn’t have that much fun.
The WOWs: we got yellow safety jackets that perfectly matched my little backpack, our minibus was yellow too and my bike was short enough to guarantee my comfort. It felt super good to do that physical exercise (I’m still hyper-excited now and we finished cycling over two hours ago!), the temperature was perfect and the organizers said we were the first 99% female group they had ever had and so much better than the guys they usually get!! Besides, before cycling my friend Alice and I had devoured the funniest-looking pizza margherita in the world and actually got two for the price of one simply because the waiter would not allow us to split one pizza in two halves!!!!! Crazy…but hilarious, and hey, I had never had a pizza for such little money before!
So we got the two wheels and we got the crash (sorry Ila!). Now y’all be like “what about the crush?”. Yeeeaah… got a crush. For the first Ukrainian guy of my life. Also the first guy to be that much younger than me. Aaalso not something I should think about as I’m only here for such a short time and blablabla and OK, I know: relax, it’s JUST a crush! But it was suuuuper nice to talk with said guy for the whole hour and a half of cycling and it definitely made the experience even more fun and worthwhile. We are all allowed to have crushes, no? He also taught me stuff about Ukraine I previously had no idea about and he was fairly convincing in suggesting I should join the 40k ride alongside the Dead Sea on Friday. And, oh, he’s a cook. A COOK. Speaks four languages fluently. Is incredibly cute. Awesome smile. Obviously cycles. So what’s not to like/crush for?
I’ll keep you posted 😉

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