For those who dare to dream

My favourite parts of Arabic learning are speaking and writing – the so-called active skills, of course! they match my personality well – and today I was lucky we did plenty of that in class to memorize the vocab from our new chapter!! 😀

I found two of the activities to be particularly fun and am proud of how they went.

1) “Write a story using as much of the new vocabulary as possible”. For this one I was matched with the only other non-American in my class, a very interesting French(-Spanish-Tunisian) girl whose sense of imagination, I discovered, I really like! And here’s our super optimistic story, dedicated to those who dare to dream:

“In our opinion, the future is beautiful. In the future, we succeed in speaking Arabic and we want to study a new language. In the future, there is no war in the whole world, and there is no hunger. Throughout the future, we obtain new knowledge”.

In bold are the new words we had to include 😉 Sweet, no? And it was fun to invent it, though I reeeeally hope it will somewhat correspond to reality one day.

Then, 2) something even funner – maybe also because I worked on it with the guy I personally find to be the most fun in our class of 8 (four girls and four boys, incidentally; and thankfully very balanced in every way!!). “Do a role-play using as much of the new vocab as possible” and taking inspiration from a picture with two ladies we interpreted to be mother and daughter. It went more or less like this (again, compulsory words are in bold):

Irene: Ahlan wa sahlan ya binti, hello my daughter! 🙂 🙂 🙂 How are you today?
Ty: All is good, mum. How are you? What’s up?
Ire: Nothing much, my daughter. But- hey! What do you want to do with your future??
Ty: I want to help the people in Syria, mum
Ire: Oh wow, that’s fantastic! But how?
Ty: I refuse to join the army and…
Ire: Oh! But… the army means money, no? Money for your family, my girl!!! You don’t like helping us?
Ty: Maybe, mum, but that money is not good!
Ire: Are you sure? Hmm… and what is your father‘s opinion of this? He wants you to enter university, maybe?
Ty: I don’t know. But I want to work with the United Nations.
Ire: It’s ok, my daugther. I just want you to be happy.
Ty: Aww, mum!
Ire: You’re a good girl 😉


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