Never enough mansaf

Lamb, rice, almonds, and a funny yoghurty sauce to soak everything: I’ve said enough… it’s mansaf!! National dish of Jordan and a much-recommended meal by my enthusiastic teachers and local friends, I have finally had the honour of filling my tummy with a non-indifferent quantity of it today at an exclusive 3pm lunch (!!!) at my friend Yaman’s. Thank you Yaman & co.!

How to eat it? The best way (my friends assure me) is to eat it with your hands, all together from the same big dish, while standing. The standing apparently helps you eat more without realizing it -LOL- while eating with your hands is charming but extremely challenging because you basically have to squeeze an incandescent ball of rice in your palm together with a piece of meat!! Quite painful, and one of the most hilarious things I’ve done this month hahaha.

Recommended restaurant where to get mansaf: AlQuds (literally “Jerusalem”), both in Rainbow Street and…somewhere else I don’t remember 😉

For more pictures, see the Google Images catalogue; for more information, I link you to this friendly Mansaf Wikipedia Page (I know, I know: I’m so mainstream…)

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