The day I met Saddam Hussein

It was a random morning at the end of Eid Al Adha and four random foreigners decided to explore a part of their new city they hadn’t seen yet. A random part of the city, that is. This one- the neighbourhoods of Al Fadilah and Al Bsha’er, not too far from the University of Jordan:

Our four champions could not imagine their random quest would get them to magical places… from tricky windows filled with (beautiful!) bricks to deceitful parks that were only green and accessible on the map, and finally to the Land of Survivor Sheep (if you know what Eid is about, you’ll understand this was no easy feat) captained by no less than SADDAM HUSSEIN himself! No photo of him; I wouldn’t dare…

Soooo apparently that’s still a popular name. Yep. But the guy was nice!! He told us the prices for the sheep; I didn’t take a note but my friend did, and I remember thinking it was super cheap!! #cheapsheep #tonguetwister 😉

p.s. happy people in the area


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