My first Arabic film: “Abu Shanab”!

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I looooooved this Egyptian comedy. Loved it loved it loved it. Now, the plot still isn’t fully clear to me and I have probably only understood about ten words (hi, thank you, also, beautiful, understood?, let’s go, bye, restaurant, my love, dad) but I found it HILARIOUS and it undoubtedly did me well to watch it! 😀

Movies teach us much more than we may have ever stopped to think: they show places, people, the way these people dress/ move/talk/relate to each other, the faces they pull, what they consider to be funny; they let us hear different accents and understand what sounds smart, sexy or dumb in a given language, as well as provide insight into what music is “in” through their soundtrack (man, I adored this soundtrack!!); and, though comedies are particularly likely to be an inflated version of reality, they give hints as per which topics attract the audience’s attention.

Take Abu Shanab as an example: the whole thing was (I think!) about a capable, adorably clumsy and hot-headed young policewoman who makes her way through police ranks to specialize in protecting women and children. This involves getting dressed up in a nightclub, shooting and fighting lots in the city streets, complaining about stuff with her parents and friend, fancying her hot colleague… 😉 To me, it was basically a super-condensed lesson on Egyptian culture and society – as well as a seriously funny story, of course, and hopefully some useful language practice 🙂 So, hooray! 8JD well spent.

More info on IMDb – but don’t trust its plot summary: I’m not convinced it’s correct! Bad translation from Arabic, maybe…

Watched it at Taj Cinemas in the huge and beautiful Taj Mall with the self-described “worst Asian ever” (she stole my fork to eat sushi…!!) 😉

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