Jordanian generosity

Jordanian generosity, hospitality, and kindness really seem to have no limits. I’m seriously serious. I know I have probably mentioned this before, but I just find it so mind-boggling I keep thinking about it and can’t quite believe it yet. Because I mean, there are two options: either (1)am incredibly incredibly lucky (which is undeniable) and just happen to meet The Most Generous Hospitable Kind People in the country; or (2) this is what the majority of the people here are really like!

Example? OK. You know I’m on CouchSurfing and have met a couple local guys through that platform. One of them is called Yaman, and he introduced me to his friend Khaldoon. We all met once, together with my roommate Kelsey as well, and spent something like two hours together, talking and drinking. Right: this is still within normal levels of hospitality etc etc.

The next step, however, was inviting me and whoever I wanted to bring along (in this case, my fellow Northern-Italians Alice & Ilaria) to the super amazing house of their friend Bxxx (I don’t know how to spell it) to have a delicious barbecue without letting us help very much, encouraging us to take a swim in the beautiful indoor swimming pool while they cooked and prepared everything, dancing to the best tunes I could’ve wanted, laughing and talking tons in both Arabic and English, basically having one of the best evenings of my life, and of course not even wanting my friends and I to pay our share for the food shopping that they had taken care of. Not to mention they of course drove us to the place and back. And all their friends were super nice and inclusive and told us we should stay longer and meet again and… gosh I don’t know, I just feel like I had never met this quantity and quality of goodness in so many nearly-strangers all at once anywhere else!!!!! And me saying that means a lot, because I have been many places, met many people, received unexpected amounts of goodness very often (I told you I’m unexplicably lucky!); yet nothing tops what I’m finding here in Amman.

Shukran you all new friends 🙂 You’re a priceless source of inspiration*

*but Yaman, I left some money in your car anyway. What’s fair is fair 😉


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