Exile from Syria


Shady Hamadi, “Exile from Syria: a fight against indifference”
Add Editore, Italy

I have just turned the last page of this volume, the first of a long series of specifically themed books I intend to devour during my time in the Middle East and beyond.

It’s a book everybody (who can read in Italian) should read. I am convinced of this and I’m grateful to Shady Hamadi for his hard work. When I met him in June this year in Milan I could tell he was very, truly, deeply passionate about Syria and about divulging what’s really happening there, and he has certainly succeeded in this intent.

I am now much more aware, much more involved and indignant with regards to how the situation has been handled in these years of Syrian conflict. I also feel shamefully responsible for not giving more attention to it earlier; for being part of this international indifference Shady talks about. But hey- I’ll start doing my part now: instead of keeping this book all passive and useless in my room, I’ll gift it to the library of my school here in Amman. Someone will read it!

A note to the author: again, great content, really. I would very much appreciate it if maybe next time you improved your writing style, because Perfectionist Me struggled quite a bit with it in this instance 😛

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