Who what why

Who: I’m Irene, born in Italy in 1991. I haven’t really understood yet who I am and what I’m doing but in the meantime I learn all I can, every moment everywhere. So far I’ve lived at twelve different addresses in Italy, New Zealand, England, Turkey, Canada and Jordan; tried to speak eight languages and a half; studied international relations and intercultural communication; worked closely with drug addicts, refugees, people affected by cancer, prostitutes, prisoners, teenage boy & girl scouts, and as an EFL teacher. I love writing and started doing so in 1997 with “Nus is my dog”, a poem I typed on my Olivetti type-writer. I currently contribute monthly articles to QCodeMag, an Italian independent and all-voluntary collective editorial project; I’m working to become an official scout leader; and…of course, I keep trying to understand who I am and what I’m doing 😉

What: this blog is specifically about what I experience as I study Arabic, the Middle East, and all I come across that is somewhat related to these two huuuuge areas. It is personal and not too personal at the same time (or at least so I hope); please note that, while it doesn’t mean to be particularly politically or religiously oriented in any way, it will bear the mark of my own individual experience as a person in the past 25 years – and I just can’t avoid that. It is absolutely open to comments and its maximum aspiration is to become a tool to fight ignorance, stereotypes, prejudices and to favour intercultural understanding.

Why: I created this because I love writing, because I have a short memory, and because I hope to inspire. Someone. Somehow 🙂 Especially in these hard times when the Middle East, Arabs, Islam and so on are labelled super negatively super quickly and super generalized about by a ton of people who actually know nothing about anything. That’s my big WHY and I do my best daily to write in the right direction.

Thanks a million for helping me do that even just by reading me ❤

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